Living In Myth

Living In Myth

a book of imaginary characters in a legendary world
art by Impie/Le • Maiji/Mary Huang • orangisque/Joanna Poon
Three artists. Three visions. Three mythologies.
Living in Myth is an original character design artbook that re-imagines familiar roleplaying job classes - warrior, mage, summoner and others - as they might appear in three diverse lands:

  • Caveronis, a Celtic realm 
  • Al Afsanna, an Arabian/Persian kingdom 
  • Ashihara no Yo, an Eastern landscape

Filled with full-colour illustrations created specially for this artbook, including artist bios and work-in-progress sketches and renderings.

We're friends who all went to the same high school, and even had art class in the exact same room! We got together to create this project based on our shared interests, and had a lot of fun doing it. If you enjoy roleplaying and rpgs, dreaming up characters and universes, this is a lovely dip into three worlds that can stir your imagination and inspire your own creations!

Print specs
Perfect bound 8.5" x 11" 
Digitally printed in full colour on 100 lb. silk cover and 80 lb. matte inside pages 
48 pages with 15 original illustrations, plus sketches 
Logo design by Mary Huang 
Book design by Joanna Poon

25 USD