Mechanism of Magic

Mechanism of Magic

Come and explore a slice-of-life on four separate worlds where "magic" takes in different forms, from fantasy to science.

Mechanism of Magic is the second book from Suddenly Sentai, a collective of artists/friends who love reading and creating comics.

Featuring four original stories by:

* Andrew Nagy and Skwerly/Rosanne Nagy of Akui:ill-intent 

* Maiji/Mary Huang 

* rx79v / Henry Lo 

Buying this book also gives you access to extras, such as a complete digital download (PDF) of the entire book. Coming soon on the website (check out the Bonus Materials page!)

Print specs
Perfect bound 4.25" x 5.5" 
Purple/gold colour cover 
80 black and white pages 
Cover printed on 100 lb. Lynx Opaque Cover 
Interior pages printed on 70 lb. Lynx Opaque Text
11 USD