Now Recharging - Chapters 0 and 1 Special Print Edition

Now Recharging - Chapters 0 and 1 Special Print Edition

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Emmie's world might sound familiar. It's a place where hopes and dreams constantly collide with the ups and downs of daily life, from job interviews (scary!!) to routine chores like groceries and laundry. Except Emmie is a robot - a sheep-loving android who is bad at math and worried about nonexistence. even the ordinary is an adventure!

Special print edition of the first two chapters of Now Recharging. The webcomic can be read online at and

Video preview of the book:

Chapter 0 Labour
Chapter 1 A Curiosity (including 1.1 Goeen Maow)
Bonus! "A quick little chitchat" (2 page interview with Emmie the android)
Author's notes and various Now Recharging illustrations

Print specs
Perfect bound A5 (148 x 210 mm - around 6" x 8.25")
Cover with with foil stamping on watercolour felt finish paper (foil stamping is simulated in the first image, the video preview shows the effect off the best)
94 pages
Full colour

30 USD